Williston Park Recreation Committee


Williston Park Recreation Committee

Who is the Rec Committee?

The committee is made up of passionate and dedicated volunteers who are local residents. The committee is headed by the Deputy Mayor of Williston Park Kevin Rynne.

Why do we have a Recreation Committee? 

Our mission is to bring together people of all ages in the community by offering unique and  fun filled events throughout the year. Williston Park is a great place to live and a strong sense of community involvement adds to each residents Williston Park experience.

What does the Recreation Committee do? 

Well, we have been busy holding successful events such as:
The Annual Easter Egg Hunt, A Day at the Races @ Belmont Race track, Family Fun Day at Kelleher, movie nights and many more. 

By now you are probably thinking, "wow this sounds like a great asset to the village how can I contribute to the success?"

The committee has several opportunities for involvement:
If you are a resident of WP you can volunteer to be on the committee.

You can attend our events with your family and friends.

Promote awareness by friending us on Facebook or joining our email list. 

We receive no funding from the village so you can make a donation. Every dollar helps.

Local businesses can help the committee and gain valuable exposure to residents by donating prizes or sponsoring an event.